Neighbor --

One of the best parts of the last few weeks has been meeting people I may not have met otherwise. Some of us have had very different life experiences. But we want a lot of the same things. Here are some of the issues I have been hearing about: 

  • On L Street: speeding and traffic safety on 17th.
  • On Lang Place: car break-ins and violent crime, but also the need for better job training and opportunity.
  • On Lyman Place: the importance of trees in urban areas, for health and the climate, and making sure neighbors are safe during extreme heat. 
  • On Summit Street: making the X8 more frequent and reliable.
  • In the Flats: having covered bus stops in Carver-Langston like other neighborhoods, and finding more creative ways to keep residents informed about how to get involved in the community.

A few other updates about the campaign:

Thank you for your continued interest and support. 


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